Indie-Mom Stuff…Vegan Cook’n for my Sunbeams

If you didn’t know…we’re VEGAN!! Yes my entire family, kids and husband; and I l ENJOY making fresh home-made meals for them!  I wrote a vegan soul food cook book over 10 years and have yet to publish it! No particular reason, I guess part of me has the jitters.  I  have never taken a culinary class in my life! I don’t own high end cutlery (and I should at this point); I just remix the meals I was raised on in a meat and dairy-free manner!  Oddly, EVERYONE LOVES MY FOOD!  I am so blessed to have very healthy neighbors and was offered earlier today to pick basil from my neighbor’s fresh HERB GARDEN! What a treat, so now I HAVE to venture into the kitchen and take a whiz at making some home-made vegan PESTO as its one of my families…FAVORITES!! Well if I can run 26.2 miles and live to tell the tale; I can certainly make VEGAN PESTO! Stay tuned and I’ll share pictures of the results.  For now; take a look at this beautiful fresh BASIL!!  #IndieMomCookn

Herb garden




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