IndieMomCook’n…Indie-Mom Cook IN ” The Case for a Night of Good Food”

So I keep hearing, “You need to write a cook book!”  “Can you share your recipe for your vegan pancakes?” “What products do you use to make your vegan cuisine?”


Every night without fail, I prepare a  vegan home-made dinner for my kids.  It is a part of my lifestyle not a diet.  I have been talking to my line sister and “bestie” Personal Chef and owner of Khepera’s Culinary Creations; Tauret Thomas, about taking MY vegan creations to the next level. We are excited to share a new concept the; Indie-Mom CookN!    I will be sharing more in days to come, as to how you can be a part of this exclusive new MOVEMENT Hosted by ME: “The Indie-Mom of Comedy”!   To say that I am excited about my latest endeavor would be an understatement.  I will be forwarding a short interest and information survey to get a gage on the concept for the #IndieMomCook’N!  Here’s a hint;  you and an intimate group of like-minded friends who are interested in diversifying your palates, infusing healthier yet tasty food options and having an EXPERIENCE second to none in a space that’s so familiar to you!  It promises to be LIFE-CHANGING!  I’ve NEVER opened myself to such an experience and yet I know that it will be life changing for me as well!  I am sooooo excited to share more details as my Indie-Mom Cook’N team and I  prepare for our soft launch!

TEASER:Here are a two pictures of some of  my yummy vegan offerings; Vegan Pancakes and  Southern Fried Vegan Chik’n, sautéed collard greens, brown rice with homemade gravy and un-buttery homemade cornbread!  Just a peek of what’s to come!


Vegan Pancakes                                              Fried Chikn


MESHELLE “The Indie-Mom of Comedy”