Goaldiggers The Sankofa Project “Coca Cola Foundation Grant Recipient”

Baltimore– August 20, 2015

Goaldiggers The Sankofa Project; a Program of the Fusion Partnerships Founded by MESHELLE, “The Indie Mom Of Comedy” is a new recipient of a grant award from the Coca Cola Foundation.  This grant will support an initiative shared in the four year program poised to prepare and educate the participants in the basic and strategic principals of entrepreneurism, with a focus on social enterprise. 


Goaldiggers The Sankofa Project, is a program of the Fusion Partnership (a 501c3) hosted for the last 4 years by St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore at the Career Connections (formerly Saint Ambrose Outreach Center; 3445 Park Heights Avenue) location in Baltimore City’s Park Heights Community.  The mission of Goaldiggers the Sankofa Project; is to connect inner-city teen girls of African descent to education, and gain college access; by introducing them to the study of their ancestry and ethnic identity reinforcing a positive self-concept.  Anthropological methodology, genealogical research and DNA testing will uncover and assure their ethnic identity.  Our goal; is for each young lady to become a college educated woman, with a positive self-concept and an assured ethnic identity; poised to serve her family, peers and community. We also entrust each particpant with practical, soft and essential skills to assure gainful employment throughout their college tenure and adult life.  In addition, we look to provide practical strategies to support future women entrepreneurs with a passion to serve.



Goldiggers The Sankofa Project will build on and extend our efforts to offer underserved young women a program to cultivate the next generation of entrepreneurs.  Three women owned businesses will partner with our initiative and offer a 13 week apprenticeship module to our participants. “Making a Great Living while Impacting Greatly“; with young women; offering a hands on opportunity to learn the tenants and best practices of the social enterprise, direct service and public relations industries all lead by women CEOs.