Airports, Dreams, Destiny!

Sitting in the Albuquerque Airport, on the first day of the last month of the 2013 year and it HITS ME!  I have experienced a GREAT deal over the last 11+ months!  I filmed a new Comedy Showcase for BET  on the coming season BET’s COMICVIEW 2014! I performed at the lauded “Just For Laughs Comedy Festival” in Montreal (A dream come true) courtesy of BET LIVE Hosted by Sommore! (Thank you BET ; VP Constance Orlando, Robbie Reed, Dubose Entertainment, for an amazing 2013!)  I appeared as the “warm-up” comedienne at BET’s “BLACK GIRLS ROCK” event and now I’m off to Los Angeles to appear at the WORLD FAMOUS…Comedy Store on Sunset this Tuesday, December 3, 2013!  For a little girl born to a teen mother from one of the most mis-understood/stratified neighborhoods in West Baltimore (Park Heights); and raised as her younger sister for the first years of my life; I AM MORE THAN…OK!  This is just a sneak preview of what’s to come…I turned 8 this year…(you figure it out) and that is the number of NEW BEGINNINGS!  While I won’t pretend that everything else has been a cake-walk this year…some things have certainly fallen apart…or really…been reconstructed; I wouldn’t change a thing!  There something glorious about …airports…dreams…and destiny!  I’ll share more as it unfolds! You have to promise to respond and ask for more!  LIVING MY DREAMS!




MESHELLE ‘The Indie-Mom of Comedy”